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  1. Put in a ONE column layout. 
  2. Click Add Component
  3. Select "Tab block"

Inside the tab block, you have the option of Rich Text or Image/Video. There's various layout options (see examples below)

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As an energy services and solutions company, we put customers and colleagues at the heart of everything we do, to add value for all.

Through our trusted brands, we deliver innovative energy and services solutions to help solve customers’ needs, supported by around 7,000 engineers and technicians. We are committed to creating a cleaner and greener future.

Our Strategy

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Our Governance

Our People & Planet Plan alongside our wider responsible business activities, are fully embedded and governed by the business, with oversight from the central Responsible Business team.

Performance is regularly monitored by the Centrica Leadership Team. The Board’s Sustainability, Environment and Safety Committee (SESC) additionally reviews performance at least annually and supports the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities to review the effectiveness of our responsible business performance, and how we manage related risks and opportunities.

Find out more in Board Governance.[NEEDS LINKING]