The Balancing Act

As renewables make up more and more of the energy mix, balancing the grid becomes more difficult and it becomes trickier to use energy efficiently.

Depending on whether there's too much energy on the grid or too little, failing to balance consumption and generation would lead to either the curtailment and wasting of renewable energy or having to use expensive and dirty fossil fuels.

If the grid isn't balanced, everyone loses out, but we can make sure that doesn't happen through Demand Side Response.

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Video: Creating a more flexible energy system with DSR

What is Demand Side Response (DSR)?

At its core Demand Side Response is a change in power consumption by energy consumers such as households, hospitals, factories and others, to better match the power supply, turning demand up, down or shifting it to help balance electricity generation and usage.

By adjusting their demand, energy consumers can not only help balance the grid, but also access less-expensive and more sustainable electricity.

While this sounds great, it can be challenging. Mainly because because consumers have to change the way and times they use energy and the returns aren't always compelling enough to drive such change.

But what if DSR was simple, seamless and didn't require any effort at all?

Smart Capabilities

Leveraging the capabilities of smart devices taking advantage of DSR can be effortless and seamless.

With the right platform behind it things like EV charging devices and smart storage heaters can be told to only activate/charge during times when electricity is abundant and cheap, simultaneously helping relieve stress on the grid, reducing their impact on the environment, and reducing bills for customers.

Best of all, software can be used work out the best times to use energy, working almost unnoticeably in the background, with little to no impact on the customer's daily life.

Introducing Centrica DSR

Demand side response will play a big part in reaching net zero and as the UK's most uniquely integrated company we understand how important it is to do everything we can to drive the energy transition forward.

That's why we're introducing Centrica DSR, our intelligent energy platform, for residential demand side response. It's already at work in the UK and beyond, utilising the latest in AI technology to help homes, businesses and communities take advantage of DSR and access affordable and sustainable energy.

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