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1. Customers

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Help our customers be net zero by 2050

With around 90% of our total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions coming from our customers, the biggest thing we can do to fight climate change is to help them use energy more sustainably.

That’s why in 2022, we provided energy, services and solutions that cut the GHG intensity of our customers’ energy use by 6% against our 2019 base year – equivalent to saving the annual emissions of around 630,000 homes. This was slightly behind the glidepath for our long-term goal following the reintroduction of fossil fuels into our electricity mix, due to the escalating cost of green energy certification and the need to keep costs down for customers.

In 2023, we’ll drive action including via ambitions to deliver up to 20,000 heat pumps and 100,000 EV charging points a year by 2025.

2. Business

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Be a net zero business by 2045

Having moved away from most of our carbon intensive assets to provide low carbon services and solutions for customers, we emit over 70% less carbon than a decade ago.

Towards our net zero target in 2022, our total GHG emissions decreased by 6% against the 2019 base year. With our Whitegate power station resuming normal operations to boost energy security and provide a stable baseload power for intermittent renewables following an outage in 2021, savings were down from the temporary reduction achieved that year. But overall, we remain on track with our long-term goal.

In 2023, we’ll continue to cut emissions from our property, fleet and travel, while delivering up to 800MW of low carbon and transition assets by 2025.

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