Year in Industry

Kick-start your career with a year at Centrica

Why not take some time out from studying and come and put your learning into practice?

Our Year in Industry placement offers you the chance to take advantage of the opportunities of a FTSE 100 company like ours has to offer, alongside the guidance and support of our amazing teams.


Choosing to complete my placement year at Centrica is one of the best decisions I have made. I work on real projects and provide digital solutions to real customers. Currently, I am developing a solution that improves accessibility for customer service agents. Knowing that my work has a positive impact on the business and improves the day-to-day of other colleagues is very fulfilling."

  • Business Management

    Business Management is pivotal to our success. It’s the turning cogs that drive Centrica forward. This placement could see you working within any of our brands or business functions from Operations to Transformational Change Delivery, or even across HR or Procurement.

    Our broad range of roles include project management, process design, operational support and many more.

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  • Commercial Analyst

    A Commercial Analyst Year in Industry Placement could range all the way from customer insight, to highly technical positions, to analytical roles in some of the most innovative areas of our business.

    From evaluating Hive customer behaviour in highly competitive retail markets, to predicting how much energy our British Gas consumers will need in the future, to developing strategies which influence Centrica’s direction within the UK’s renewable energy and services market.

    This placement will give you the experience you need to get your career on the right track and prepare you for graduate life.

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  • DTS

    Our DTS Year in Industry Programme places you at the heart of the DTS function, where you will discover what it means to be a Software Engineer – creating solutions to real business issues and exploring new opportunities to unlock the value in our data.

    Our growing team of Software Engineers span a range of disciplines, including Software Development, Data Engineering, Cloud Platform Engineering Network Engineering, and Information/Cyber Security to name just a few. Based on your performance you will also have the chance to earn a place on our 2026 Graduate programme following your final year of university.

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  • Marketing

    Your role during the internship could sit within one of our core marketing, product or propositions teams – so your responsibilities might include interpreting research, creating insights to come up with innovative product ideas, building out full propositions and taking them to market, or planning/executing marketing channel and campaign strategies.

    Once your product, proposition or marketing campaign is launched, you will be responsible for closely monitoring and measuring its performance and continually optimising your work to drive value to the business.

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