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Our employee-led networks help challenge us to think differently, act differently and learn from each other.


+ is Centrica’s LGBTQI+ employee network. Our aim is to ensure that everyone can bring their whole selves to work, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.

“We build awareness to create an open and inclusive place where we feel respected, valued and are empowered to make a change. ​We believe our differences and identity should be embraced and celebrated.”

Steven Waggott and Catherine Baker, Co-chairs of +


Bród is the Irish word for Pride and has been founded under the umbrella of Centrica Spectrum; the global network for LGBTQI+ colleagues and supporters. As a network Bród aims to support all people within the Bord Gáis LGBTQI+ community while expanding the conversation with our colleagues to create understanding.

"Being a part of Irelands “BROD” network has given me insight and confidence to bring my whole self to work."

Gary Byrne, Chair of BROD


Diverse-ability is a UK-wide employee network, celebrating the physiological and neurological diversity amongst our colleagues.


"We all have different abilities in one way or another, and we want to support our colleagues by providing information and increasing understanding."

Muhammed Bunglawala & Imogen Fletcher. Co-chairs of Diverse-ability

Centrica Fertility Group

Our aim is to Help Colleagues Grow Families as well as their Careers by offering a support network open to all genders, for anyone working at, with or for Centrica.

"The Centrica Fertility Group is an informal community where colleagues can find support when trying to conceive or build a family. Our aim is to make Centrica a great place to Grow Families as well as Careers."

Richard Snape & Ami Thaker, Co-Chairs of the Centrica Fertility Group.

Carers Network

The Carers Network is a supportive Network where people are able to connect with other colleagues, who may or may not be a carer themselves, and ideas and information about any aspect of caring.

"We are a network of regional representatives ensuring our carers have access to the information, guidance and resources they need, including our market leading Carers Policy."

Eleanor Jones & Victoria Donovan, Co-chairs of the Carers Network


VOICE (Valuing Our Identity, Ethnicity and Culture) is Centrica’s Ethnicity network which provides a platform for people to share their experiences either personal or professional in a safe environment with topics surrounding race, culture and identity.

"We believe we can make a real difference in our company through education, but also empowering people to feel confident to be their true selves at work."

Michelle Campbell-Davies & Abdul Kamara, Chair of VOICE

Centrica Women's Network

The Centrica Women’s Network is open to all employees at Centrica, no matter what level or gender you are. Our purpose is to be a catalyst for change by enabling and empowering women to meet their full potential in the workplace and our vision is to be recognised as a great place for women to work.

"We are proud and extremely honoured to co-chair the Centrica Women’s Network, which supports women in Centrica to be their best. We have a thriving, growing and curious community with a growing number of active male allies; we push the gender diversity agenda in Centrica, making sure we do this through an intersectional lens."

Faye Sykes & Sue Gregory-Phillips, Co-chairs of Centrica Women's Network.

The Working Parent's Network

The Working Parents Network is a Teams based community which supports Centrica's working parents and their managers balance work and home life.

"Through discussions of lived experiences and sharing practical hints and tips, the network provides colleagues a safe place to discuss navigating the highs and lows of parenthood. It also gives parents the opportunity to contribute towards the shaping of our business."

Paula Donnelly & Liz Da Cruz, Co-chairs of The Working Parent's Network

Forces Network

The Forces Network is a community of forces leavers within Centrica. The Network launched the Centrica Pathway, an ambition to recruit 500 former Army, Navy and Airforce personnel in to the business by the end of 2023.

“Leaving the forces can be a disorientating and emotionally challenging time. Our network aims to make the transition to civvy street as comfortable as possible, providing support and mentorship along the way”

Daniel Weddle & Robbo Robson, Chair of the Forces Network