Centrica Energy Storage Limited (CES+) are part of the infrastructure area of the Centrica family.

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adjusted operating profit (2023)

We operate the Rough gas storage facility in the Southern North Sea and the Easington onshore gas processing terminal in East Yorkshire, having restarted storage operations at Rough in 2022 to bolster the UK's energy security and help reduce consumer bills.

Today, Rough provides half of the UK's gas storage, being able to store 54 bcf of gas - enough to provide the equivalent volume of gas to heat 2.4 million homes over winter.

The long term aim for Centrica Storage Limited is to turn Rough into the largest long duration energy storage facility in Europe, capable of storing both natural gas and hydrogen with the goal of bolstering the UK’s energy security.

Formerly Centrica Storage Limited (CSL), we have recently changed our  name to signify a change in ambition. We wanted to keep storage in our name as it is at the heart of what we do now, and our plans well into the future, but we have larger ambitions outside of storage, including onshore and offshore hydrogen production and fuel-switching our existing operations to hydrogen to minimise our environmental impact.

If you are interested in purchasing available capacity in the Rough reservoir, please email: storagecapacityenquiries@centrica-sl.co.uk and a member of the marketing team will be in touch with you.

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