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Help provide sustainable energy solutions to organisations across the globe

Centrica Business Solutions is an international business unit, working with organisations in over 34 countries to deliver integrated energy solutions that balance the demands of planet and profit.

Drive growth and create a stable company where people love to work

You could be looking after the needs of our own people or keeping us operating in line with all the latest laws and regulations; or perhaps you'd prefer to manage media relations.

Discover a fulfilling career keeping our customers at the heart of our business

You will have the satisfaction of knowing that you really can make a difference. And we will make sure you have the support and reward you need to make this a truly fulfilling career.

Every day, thousands of our engineers and technicians are invited into people’s homes and places of work.
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They help our customers with really important needs and problems, such as fixing a broken boiler in the middle of winter.


Drive technology and transform the way that we produce and distribute energy

You can help us to innovate and to create new applications for technology that will make life easier and better for our customers.

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Help secure energy supply in an uncertain world

That’s why the work done by our energy marketing and trading colleagues is so important, not just for our business but for whole communities too.

Pioneer our brands and keep them fresh and relevant to our customers

So, communicating in an accessible manner is a vital component of what we do and we need skilled listeners and narrators to connect with our customers.

We’re looking for more veterans, serving reservists and those transitioning out of the armed forces to join our team
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We’ve created a focused package of support, developed for you, by our ex-forces community.

Armed Forces Pathway