What will the future of energy look like? How will it work? And what potential does it have? 

We set up Energised Futures to answer all these questions and more through research and innovation. It’s just part of how were delivering on our purpose to energise a greener, fairer future for all. 

Our Purpose

Energised Futures works with industry leads and academia to play a pivotal role in defining the future of energy, based on six core research pillars


Energised Futures focuses on the flexible energy system and works on UK and EU projects to build tools and technical capabilities for it.

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Video: Energised Futures - powered by Centrica

Meet the Team 

The advisory Board

The expertise of Energised Futures is drawn from across Centrica brands. These include British Gas, the UK’s biggest energy provider, and Hive, the experts in smart home technology. It also has a community of external academic and industry partners and fosters a collaborative culture to unlock solutions to the challenges facing the retail energy sector. The direction is shaped by the Advisory Board, which steers core research objectives and reviews its outputs .  

Join the community

At the heart of Energised Futures is the belief that collaboration is the way forward in research and innovation.

It’s looking for new ways of encouraging researchers to work together in finding innovative solutions and helping to streamline how we shape the future of energy. Interested in collaborating? Get in touch at: energisedfutures@centrica.com