Summer Internships

Get ahead of the game and spend your summer at Centrica

We are looking for talented undergraduates to get a head start with their career. We offer you the opportunity to work on real projects with real responsibility, while benefiting from a wide support network.

If you show a passion to learn and align to our values, the Summer Internship Programme offers a gateway to Centrica's Graduate Programme.

My favourite thing about the Business Management Internship at Centrica was the broadness of opportunities. In only 9 weeks I was able to undertake a variety of focused projects which deepened my understanding of business processes and helped me figure out what career path I want to follow. This, along with the high-level responsibility given from day one, made the summer placement truly enriching."

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  • Commercial Analyst

    The Commercial Analyst Summer Internship Programme will see you undertaking a project within a diverse array of teams and function areas to gain a detailed insight into a career as a commercial analyst. We are looking for highly numerate and driven individuals who appreciate that energy businesses are driven by many factors.

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  • Business Management

    On the Business Management Programme, you will work within our operations supporting our brands. Your project will give you the opportunity to work with a variety of different people, across a wide range of operations in our front-line business to develop your skills.

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  • Marketing

    On our Marketing Summer Internship Programme, you will work within our British Gas business. Energy is an extremely dynamic market and this an exciting time within the Commercial Marketing team. During your Internship, you will undertake a project with real responsibility that will help to shape our business strategy.

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  • Engineering

  • Finance

    The Finance stream of our Summer Internship Programme is a chance to see if a career in finance might be for you. You'll work with finance professionals who'll show you the key role finance plays in the energy industry and how finance supports our whole organisation. All degree disciplines are acceptable.

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  • Human Resources

    Our Human Resources Summer Internship Programme is a chance to truly accelerate your development into the HR profession. You will have the opportunity to work with a variety of HR and business stakeholders, with the possibility to gain exposure across different teams while working on a project with real responsibility and impact.

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  • Procurement

    Our 9-week Summer Placement places you right at the heart of life as a procurement professional in a global organisation. Our Procurement team are responsible for purchasing all the goods and services our business needs to succeed.  You could be involved in anything from buying solar panels from China, purchasing equipment for our engineers and their vans or assisting with contract negotiations for a new technology platform.

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  • DTS

    Our DTS Summer Internship places you at the heart of our growing team of Software Engineers, spanning a range of disciplines including Data Engineering, Data Science, Cloud Platform Engineering, Digital Product Engineering, Network Engineering, and Information/Cyber Security.

    Not only will you learn new software and data skills – but also how to apply them to business opportunities.

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The summer internship was undeniably important for my own professional development, as well as being very enjoyable! I found myself contributing in meetings with Amazon and Santander, giving presentations to commercial management teams, calling competitors for pricing research, among many other tasks. The confidence I gained from this was great."