As the impacts of climate change become increasingly evident around the world, we urgently need to accelerate the energy transition. But how?

We think the answer is clear. We can drive net zero by investing in the infrastructure and flexible technologies needed and by building a workforce of the future that’s equipped with the skills to make net zero a reality. 

From the engineers converting Rough into a hydrogen-ready storage facility, to the energy traders helping secure more renewable energy, Centrica is full of people playing an essential role in the energy transition.

Meet the Net Zero Heroes

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Video: Meet the Net Zero Heroes

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Let’s meet some of the amazing individuals that power Centrica, and learn more about the crucial roles they’re playing in the UK’s journey to net zero.

And it’s not just the existing roles that play a key role in decarbonisation. It’s the brilliant new talent yet to enter the industry that will help build the workforce of the future. That’s why we’re committed to recruiting 3,500 apprentices by 2030 – taking on at least one new apprentice for every day of this decade.

We also believe that the best possible team is one that’s diverse and inclusive. One that empowers all colleagues to truly succeed in their roles and help drive the energy transition forward.

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