COP25 - our role in reaching net zero

Nick  Baird

By Nick Baird
Centrica Group Corporate Affairs Director

COP25 - our role in reaching net zero

Reducing carbon emissions is not a choice. We, like all businesses, need to continue to prioritise climate action at the heart of our strategy and embrace the opportunity to drive innovation, increase competitiveness, enhance risk management and stimulate growth.

In my role as Chair of the International Chambers of Commerce UK Energy & Environment Committee, I was delighted to be part of the conversation at the United Nations 25th Conference of Parties, known as COP25, Madrid last week on the role Centrica, and all businesses must play in taking action.

The energy sector must lead the way, driving down emissions associated with operation and just as importantly acting as an enabler to our customers, helping them reduce their carbon footprint.

We know there is a long way to go. We are still reliant on fossil fuels, but the production and use of renewable energy is increasing. The conversations last week were focused on how we are doing this and shifting the dial to empower our customers to make the transition to lower carbon, through smart grids, demand response technologies and EV charging, to name a few.

With the energy sector at the forefront of the need to respond it is an exciting time for our business, but also a challenging one. As a leading energy and services business, we aim to play a meaningful role in tackling climate change, not only as an enabler but also being at the cutting edge of innovation and change.

Our Responsible Business Ambitions lay the foundation of our commitment to meet the expectations of the Paris Agreement and to develop our path to achieve net zero by 2050.

COP 26

The conversation is ongoing and next year, with Glasgow hosting COP 26, it will be a pivotal moment where countries must unite to agree upon the vision for the next decade and the plans to deliver it.

Hosting COP 26 will provide the UK with a platform to maximise the opportunities of the global shift to clean growth and showcase to the world the best of the UK and our ambitions for a net zero economy. Centrica is very much a part of this and as an enabler from big business to individual consumers, we are helping chart the pathway to net zero.