Four top tips for graduate assessment centres

With Centrica Assessment Centre’s right around the corner, I was reflecting on how nervous I felt the night before my Assessment Centre. One year later, I’m fully involved in every part of the Analyst Stream wondering where the time went. I’ve been on both sides of the fence in 12 months, from interviewing about why I wanted a job here, to facilitating Assessment Centres and watching new candidates walk through our doors.

All our Assessment Days are made up of a group task, a presentation exercise and a face to face interview. Centrica look for candidates who are consistent, and demonstrate our core leadership behaviours throughout the day.

I’ve picked up four tips which can make an applicant shine and be successful when facing an Assessment Centre!

  • Prepare Relentlessly

Like any good applicant should – you need to do your homework! While primarily being an energy company, Centrica owns and operates multiple different businesses across many industries. British Gas is a company who compete in downstream energy distribution, Centrica mid-stream operate in global commodity trading. Our HIVE brand focuses on products for a connected home like connected thermostats! You aren’t expected to know the detail, but knowing the big picture of how Centrica operates is a key bonus. All the information is out there – all you have to do is go and get it!

  • Learn how the gears fit together

Hit the news-stands about a week before your Assessment Day. Learning how Centrica as a company has reacted and overcome challenges in the wider world is key in demonstrating you’re a well-rounded applicant. From political topics such as the EU Referendum to business changes like the Strategic Reviews; all these things and their effects on Centrica and the Energy Industry have been well documented and analysed by experts in media. Staying up to date with the movement of the company and wider playing field means you understand how Centrica changes with the world around it.

  • Be the person I want to work with

Throughout the day, you’ll be interacting with other graduates, senior members of the business, talent recruiters and other applicants. One of the biggest factors taken into consideration is you. Centrica look for the person who can demonstrate the human side to their application, someone who improves the team spirit. Centrica’s value comes from a positive staff base who love working in the teams they are in. Be the person I want to sit next to in the office!

  • Back yourself to succeed

If you’ve gotten to the assessment day, you’ve got what it takes to go the whole way. If you’ve followed the above three points, if you’ve done your homework, even if you’re a bit nervous –you’ve gotten this far, and can do the rest. Centrica doesn’t expect anyone to come in knowing everything, but expect someone to come in a thirst for knowledge, and the confidence they can learn the job coming their way. If you’ve gotten to this final stage, back yourself – you got this!