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The aim of our graduate and undergraduate programmes is to find people with the energy and creativity to become future leaders and help us deliver our strategy.

We are looking for self-driven, high-calibre individuals who can grasp complex commercial issues and deliver solutions. In return, we'll provide the support, guidance and opportunities to help you become whatever you want to be.

Leadership behaviours

The assessment process is designed to identify candidates who demonstrate strengths against our leadership behaviours. Our behaviours were developed in consultation with over 150 leaders across our business to ensure that they are truly reflective of Centrica and build on our existing business unit values.

As a future leader, we need you to be able to help to improve our business, inspire our people and deliver exceptional customer service and therefore you need to be able to demonstrate the following behaviours:

  • Being one team - Build and maintain effective working relationships
  • Creating a positive environment - Have a positive impact through self-awareness and social skills
  • Putting our customers first - Deliver excellent customer service
  • Seizing responsibility - Take initiative and set high standards for self
  • Seeing beyond our own goals - Look at the bigger picture and recognise the impact of your actions
  • Learning agility - Learn from experience to perform in new or changing situations
  • Drive - Focus energy on what will make a difference and deliver exceptionally
  • Manages relationships - Communicate/collaborate effectively to get the best from people

At each stage of the application process it is important that you keep these leadership behaviours in mind. Academic qualifications are important but we look for you to demonstrate skills gained beyond your academic qualifications. You need to be able to provide full, detailed examples that refer to the behaviours above and how you have the potential to be a future leader of Centrica.

Graduate academic qualifications

Depending on the graduate programme you apply for, you will need to have a minimum academic qualification.

  • Analyst – BG: 2:1 degree or Masters (with 2:2 degree minimum) in a numerical subject
  • Analyst – Energy Marketing & Trading: 2:1 degree or Masters (with 2:2 degree minimum) in a numerical subject
  • Customer Insight: 2:1 numerical degree or Masters (with 2:2 degree minimum)
  • Customer Operations: 2:1 degree or Masters (with 2:2 degree minimum)
  • Engineering: 2:1 Masters degree in a relevant engineering discipline and a full UK driving licence (due to remote locations)
  • Finance: Equivalent to BBB at A-Levels and a 2:1 in any discipline
  • Health, Safety, Environment & Security: 2:1 degree or Masters (with 2:2 degree minimum) in engineering or science (including social science but not sociology)
  • Human Resources: 2:1 degree or Masters (with 2:2 degree minimum) ideally in a HR discipline
  • Information Systems: 2:1 degree or Masters (with minimum 2:2 degree) in an IT related subject, engineering, maths or science
  • Marketing: 2:1 degree or Masters (with 2:2 degree minimum)
  • Procurement and Supply Chain: 2:1 degree or Masters (with 2:2 degree minimum)


We'll provide you with the opportunity to work across the business in a wide variety of roles. To enable us to do this you'll need to remain flexible for the duration of the programme as we may expect you to move location.

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Chats with the team

The team which included our current Graduates hosted chats with potential applicants to answer questions about our business and programmes.  They were live chats and the answers and opinions are those of the individuals taking part and not necessarily representative of the organisation as a whole.  The  transcripts are here for your perusal, if you have any further questions please either check out the FAQ page or contact us via social media.

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