British Gas launches leading Green Future tariff

British Gas launches leading Green Future tariff
  • New green tariff from British Gas offers customers green gas, renewable electricity
  • Each dual-fuel customer will support the growth of trees in the UK
  • The tariff is one of the greenest in the market and demonstrates Centrica’s commitment to climate change goals

British Gas today announces the launch of its Green Future Plus July 2022 tariff which offers consumers one of the greenest tariffs in the market at a competitive cost. The green credentials are:

  • Green Gas: 10% of the gas on this tariff will be from renewable sources by buying Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin certificates from the Green Gas Certification Scheme. Green gas is comprised of biomethane which is produced from renewable sources. The green gas on this tariff derives from Centrica backed Barrow Green Gas.
    • Partnering with ClimateCare, 90% of the gas customers use on this tariff is carbon offset through carbon reduction projects in developing countries by buying Verified Emission Reduction Certificates from traceable projects verified by the Verified Carbon Standard.
    • Ecomapua Project: Each customer is helping to protect a hectare of rainforest in the Amazon each year. The project is certified by the Verified Carbon Standard, which issues one VER certificate per tonne of CO2 mitigated as a result of the project.
  • Renewable Electricity: 100% of customer electricity use on this tariff will be matched by buying electricity from renewable sources through Guarantees of Origin certificates or Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates or both.
  • Woodland Projects: Dual-fuel customers will support the growth of up to 10 trees in the UK per household for each year of the tariff. ClimateCare will evidence the trees supported by purchasing Pending Issuance Units or Woodland Carbon Units.

The green tariff is dual fuel and fixed until July 2022. It is available for new and existing customers paying by direct debit, cash, cheque or card. The average bill for consumers on this tariff is £1237 – this is a slight premium on standard rates to account for the costs of providing green energy but offers a cost-effective option for those looking for the greenest tariffs.

Centrica’s Responsible Business Ambitions by 2030:

  • Help our customers reduce emissions by 25%
  • Deliver 7GW of flexible, distributed and low carbon technologies as well as provide system access and optimisation services
  • Be net zero by 2050 and communicate our pathway to it by 2030

Centrica has been identified as a world leader for strategic action on climate change by CDP, an international NGO reporting to investors. Centrica achieved a place on CDP’s prestigious ‘A List’ for action and disclosure on climate change.


About British Gas

British Gas is Britain’s leading supplier of energy, delivering energy and services to around 10 million homes in Britain and 400,000 businesses. We offer the highest quality services to both UK homes and businesses, provided by 8,000 highly-trained engineers. We also provide a range of innovative products and services including smart meters, connected home products by Hive™, and the on-demand, online tradesman service, Local Heroes.

About ClimateCare

ClimateCare is a Profit with Purpose business which works with forward-thinking organisations to help turn their climate responsibilities into positive outcomes. Since 1997, ClimateCare and its partners have cut over 35 million tonnes of CO₂ and improved quality of life for more than 37 million people around the world.