Innovation to Inspiration ignites interest in energy technology

Direct Energy's Innovation to Inspiration tour makes connected living a reality for thousands of people in North America.

Energy is invisible but we are changing the way it is seen and used through Direct Energy’s Innovation to Inspiration (iTOi) tour. 

The tour is a one-of-a-kind mobile exhibit that takes innovative energy technologies for use in homes and businesses on the road. This brings the connected living experience to thousands of people across North America, showing how everyday innovations can help people become smarter energy consumers which not only improves energy interactions, but reduces usage, bills and carbon emissions.  

From Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania to New Jersey and New York, the 18-wheeler tractor trailer has travelled to nearly 40 events across 30 cities since autumn 2014. And during October 2015, the tour entered Canada for the first time, sharing the advantages of energy technologies with more than 3,400 people ranging from Government officials in Alberta, to employees and the local community in Calgary.  

Once aboard the mobile exhibit, visitors can interact with cutting-edge devices and appliances available through Direct Energy, exploring how they work and whether they could use them in their homes or business. 

Watch how these technologies are inspiring people to improve how they use and consume energy at Calgary’s Beakernight, an event that celebrates innovation in science, technology and art.

Here are just some of the technologies on display in the exhibit:

  • Nest Learning Thermostat automatically adjusts temperature based on a customers' energy use pattern, eliminating the hassle of programming heating schedules.
  • Direct Energy Smart Water Heater makes it possible for electricity providers to heat and store hot water which evens-out demand on the grid, without interrupting your home’s hot water supply.
  • Direct Your Energy breaks-down consumption via an energy insights dashboard to help people make more informed energy choices that can lead to a reduction in consumption.
  • Direct Energy Solar reduces carbon emissions by bringing renewable energy to a growing number of homes, having become the largest residential solar provider in the Eastern United States. 
  • Hue Light Bulbs from Philips connects energy efficiency LED lights with wireless controls that enable lights to be switched on and off, change color, set on timers or used for home security.
  • WeMo Switch allows electronic appliances to be switched on or off from wherever you are through an app.

We want to continue to be at the forefront of bringing new technology to market so that we can give customers the tools they need to gain greater control and choice over how they use and consume energy. We are working to expand products into new markets while working closely with local and national government to induce legislative change that will help make this possible.   

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