There are 3 banner types made using the Landing Page Banner block and the Sub Page Banner block.

Both blocks have the same options:

Headline = name of the page (note: this is important as it'll be your H1)

Sub heading = large intro text for the page

Image = banner image

Background video = moving video instead of image. Please use Vimeo for this and add the URL. The video needs to be in 1:1 ration before it's uploaded to Vimeo. IF your video isn't 1:1 you can use the "Use 16:9 ratio" button to force it into 1:1.

Video URL = pop up video


Landing page banners

For landing pages, don't put in a layout just put in the Landing Page Banner block. 



Sub Page Banner Block

Lower level pages

For lower level pages that don't need a big banner, use the Sub Page Banner block but only fill in the Headline

British Gas