Joined: September 2020

Stream: Energy Marketing & Trading (EM&T) Analyst

Studied: MEng Chemical Engineering at UCL; MSc Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College London

Current Placement: Power Trading Analyst

Why I chose Centrica: The placements on the EM&T programme offered the opportunity to work on a variety of challenging roles associated with the energy markets, a field I am particularly passionate about. Doing so would enable me to understand the dynamic trends driving the energy sector and the key commercial decisions being taken to exploit such trends. I was also excited to work for an organisation that puts a strong focus on professional development through both specific trading and finance training as well as broader graduate development activities.

What I enjoy most about my work: Working with a supportive and extremely knowledgeable team whilst learning how trading strategies are developed to extract value from changing market conditions.

Highlight of the graduate scheme so far: Meeting interesting people within the company.
Advice to applicants: Clearly convey why you’re interested in Centrica, EM&T and the programme specifically. Ensure you understand what EM&T does and how it relates to the wider business. Follow recent news releases and try to figure out their impact on the commodity markets in order to build a high-level appreciation of the factors affecting market movements.


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