‘I have had many different job roles over the years; including working as a shop assistant, a Special Constable, a care assistant and a primary school teaching assistant.

I felt I needed a career change and was looking for a skilled role and a future focus to take me through to retirement. As an older woman, I never thought I would be able to train and become a qualified engineer – but British Gas were more than happy to take me on.

The training process was perfectly pitched for the whole group. There were three females and nine males in my group – with ages ranging from 19 to 46 – and me being the oldest!

We took part in theory sessions at the Leicester Academy, followed by practical on-the-job training with a mentor in our local area.

Four and a half years on, I’m so happy I took the opportunity! Being a working Mum can be hard sometimes, but my line manager does everything possible to help with my work/life balance.

A year into the role, I started going through the menopause. It was hugely debilitating and seriously affected my mental and physical health. The care and support I have received form my manager and colleagues has been absolutely invaluable.

The job itself is never dull, I get to meet all sorts of people in many different situations, and they are always impressed and happy to see a female engineer. There are a lot of customers who can feel intimidated when having any major work done, and they have told me that they feel more at ease with me there.

I pride myself in my work, I enjoy my job immensely and would love to see more female engineers out there, it really is a great career and a great company to work for.’
We’re currently on a drive to recruit 1,000 apprentices over the next two years, with the ambition that 50 per cent are women. Once qualified apprentices will become Smart Energy Experts, installing smart meters and providing energy efficiency advice to customers, with opportunities to upskill in other areas.

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