Women in tech: Meet Sue Gregory-Phillips

Sue Gregory-Phillips

By Sue Gregory-Phillips
Service Delivery Manager

As we celebrate Ada Lovelace day, Sue explains how her love of tech and helping customers helped to build her career.

How did you get into technology? 

Not long into my twenties  I found myself as a single mum with no support structures around me and with no career to fall back on. I realised then that I had to develop self-reliance and determination to move my son and I out of an impossibly difficult position. It was then that I decided to enrol for a masters in computer science hoping that would open up opportunities for me, and it did.

How does your role help customers and improve things at Centrica? 

My first technology job was in desk side technical support. I absolutely loved getting agents back up and worked hard to enable them to serve our British Gas customers. In later years I worked in roles arbitrating the relationship between Digital Technology Services teams and our business units to ensure that the technology systems supporting our businesses do so to a satisfactory performance level and were stable. The most exciting dimension of my role is making sure there is a good customer experience for both internal teams and external customers.

What is the best thing about working in technology? 

For me it’s the fact that technology is an enabler and that although it's complex there are so many different avenues yet to be explored and understood. We shouldn’t be daunted by the fact that technology sometimes appears complex. There are so many different skill sets that can be employed and collectively we can be a part of an exciting era where technology is changing so much of our lives.

What advice would you give to anyone considering a career in technology? 

Be curious – find out more about careers in technology. There are an infinite variety – find what appeals to you and go for it!