Introducing our new global Diversity & Inclusion Strategy

 Liza  Strong

By Liza Strong
Head of Talent and Diversity & Inclusion

Our Head of Talent and Diversity & Inclusion, Liza Strong, talks about the importance of focusing on our people and introduces our new global Diversity & Inclusion Strategy.  

At Centrica, we want our people to feel valued and included. We’re working hard to establish Centrica as a company where people feel safe and comfortable to bring their whole selves to work.

As we look to build on this further, we’re introducing our new global diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy to help encourage a diverse and inclusive culture across all of Centrica.
Our new global strategy means we can be more purposeful in all the things we‘re doing to promote diversity and inclusion – an approach that involves all of our teams across the world means we can share our experiences and help each other to understand more about what D&I really means.

We’re passionate about a workplace where our people feel welcome and included for who they are.
Part of our Centrica strategy is to be an ‘employer of choice’ – which, for me, is about building a company which encourages difference of thought, opinion and perspective.

These are the things we’re focusing on now:

  • Improving our gender and ethnic diversity and promoting a balanced workforce
  • Offering equal opportunities for development
  • Better understanding the challenges and obstacles our employees face both in and out of work
  • Ensuring all diversity programmes focus on creating opportunities for all our people
  • Giving employees the chance to grow their leadership skills and raise and promote diversity awareness through employee networks

We’re committed to putting diversity, care and respect at the heart of what we do. Our vision is to employ a rich and diverse mix of people who reflect the societies in which we work.

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