Helping St George’s Hospital to deliver operational efficiency

Centrica Business delivered a comprehensive solution for one of the UK's busiest hospitals. This improved energy efficiency and operational performance, as well as reducing carbon emissions.


  • £1m Cost savings
  • 6,000tCO2e Carbon emissions

St George’s Hospital in Tooting is the largest healthcare provider in South West London. It serves 1.3 million people and 800,000 patients, as well as being a teaching hospital and advanced medical research centre. It employs over 8,500 people.

During 2017, we continued working to deliver the hospital with endto-end solutions that improve their energy efficiency and operational performance, while reducing carbon emissions.

The energy centre will deliver recurring savings in energy costs year-on-year which can be redirected into patient care. It also helps St George’s Hospital meet their goal of reducing their carbon footprint.
- Alan Barlow, Director UK & Ireland Distributed Energy

An energy centre is being installed to replace the existing 40-year-old system. This comprises a new combined heat and power plant, efficient boilers and lighting alongside heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Meanwhile, energy use is optimised through a building management system.