British Gas Energy Trust helps those in need

We're helping families and individuals tackle energy and household debt through the independent charity, the British Gas Energy Trust

We want to ensure people who need a helping hand with their energy and household debt are supported, irrespective of whether they are our customers or not. That is why since 2004, we have helped over 220,000 people through the British Gas Energy Trust.  The Trust is solely funding by British Gas and over the years, we have contributed nearly £110 million to the charity*.   

In 2017, we helped nearly 26,900 people and contributed nearly £11 million to the Trust. Support provided included grants to reduce debt, energy efficient boilers to help reduce ongoing running costs alongside financial advice aimed at preventing or tackling debt.

However, reaching people who need help isn’t always easy. So the Trust partners and funds a range or organisations to detect those in need. In 2017, the Trust funded more than 50 specialist debt advisers across 25 voluntary organisations which includes Citizens Advice, MacMillan Cancer Support and Shelter.

The Trust is having a significant social impact. For every £1 contributed by the Trust, the positive impact on society more than doubles, with individuals, families and communities benefitting by £2.10. This is because the Trust’s support has led to better health and living conditions for vulnerable people which results in financial benefits for the NHS, government and local authorities. For example, 90% of grant recipients experienced a positive impact in their mental health while 65% reported improvements in physical health**.

A lady who received help via one of our partner organisations wrote: “This is a heartfelt thank you for all your time and patience in bringing about the successful application for a new boiler for my home. I’m very happy with my new warm house and hot water on tap. I really am very, very grateful for your help.”

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* Comprised of mandatory and voluntary contributions.

** Oxford Economics, The economic and social impact of British Gas Energy Trust, 2015.