Acquiring REstore, Europe’s leading demand-response aggregator

Through demand response we are giving our customers the ability to manage their energy use more flexibly.  Last year we acquired one of the leading players in this field.


  • 850MW flexible power capacity to grid operators

Whether it’s reducing energy usage at certain times, supplying energy back into the grid or increasing consumption when the grid is over-supplied, demand response is helping energy markets to become more flexible. Last year, we strengthened our ambitions in this area by acquiring REstore NV. It delivers cloud-based demand-side management software and demand response services to over 150 of Europe’s largest energy users, such as ArcelorMittal and Total. With these capabilities, we are now playing a leading role in reducing pressure on the electricity grid.

One example of how these efforts are helping our customers is Lineage Logistics Europe (formerly known as Partner Logistics), a frozen food warehousing company in the UK. REstore works with the team to reduce the use of the cold store compressors and fans for short periods during peak demand without affecting overall operations. In return, Lineage Logistics Europe receives a reward from the electricity transmission system operator for being flexible, and the arrangement also helps the business to meet its own sustainability objectives.

This will be a significant growth area for us as global markets for demand response evolve.