Iain Conn, CEO, speaks at Utility Week Energy Summit 2016

Iain Conn on why we are in the early stages of the customer revolution in our industry

Iain Conn took the stage at Utility Week's Energy Summit to speak about the changing energy landscape and the power shift that’s putting customers centre stage.

‘Britain’s position in the EU is a good example of a big question, leading to choices and a “fork in the road”.   

The “fork in the road” which I believe is upon us in the energy market is the irreversible shift of significant market power towards the customer.'

'Governments will continue to set the rules and boundaries.  Businesses must shape offers and solutions within those boundaries.  Customers must demand more of businesses and citizens of their Government.

People often say that business, especially big business, wields a lot of power.  In society today, people worry about “big business”.

I know what they mean but I do not think that is justified because, when markets work as they should, the power of the customer forces regulation in the right direction and acts as a discipline on companies.

We are in the early stages of the customer revolution in our industry. Perhaps not everyone has yet realised that is where we are heading. But that is our destination and I think it is an exciting prospect.

There will be winners and losers in this change.  I have every intention that Centrica will be in the vanguard of shaping this future, with the customer at the heart of what we do and what we offer.' 



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