Hive makes homes easier to manage

Hive makes homes easier to manage

Hive's family of products is giving customers greater control over their home - anytime, anywhere.

We recognise that people lead busy lives so with Hive, we are making thousands of homes that little bit easier to manage by making the Connected Home of the future a reality, today. From controlling heating and hot water to switching lights on and off, Hive’s family of products is putting people in control of their entire homes from their phone at anytime, anywhere. This helps make people’s lives easier and gives them greater insights into their energy use, which can also reduce energy bills.

In 2015, we enabled more people to benefit from the Connected Home experience by launching Hive in the Republic of Ireland. And throughout 2016, we will continue to transform household interactions, by expanding our product range to include smart plugs and lights alongside motion and contact sensors.

Over 300,000 Hive Active Heating smart thermostats have been sold so far, allowing customers to control their heating and hot water remotely. With over half of Hive users interacting with the product at least once a day, this is making a big difference to how our customers run their homes. For example, 87% of Hive users feel they now have an easier way of controlling their heating while 58% believe it has helped save money on their energy bills, by actively reducing unnecessary energy use.

Our Hive Active Plug can also make energy use more efficient by enabling electrical appliances in the home to be turned on and off or by setting schedules. And with 36% of people repeatedly checking their electronic devices are switched off before leaving the house and 15% even calling their housemate or relative to check, smart plugs can help take the stress out of people’s day. 

Hive Window or Door Sensors additionally monitors what is going on at home, even if no one is there. It does this by attaching a wireless sensor to the window or door frame which will send an alert via the Hive app if opened or closed. When launched, this will help ensure homes remain safe and secure as well as giving peace of mind to the 10% of people who leave the house without shutting their front door correctly, or the 28% who accidently leave their windows open.

Technology can be an enabler of inclusivity and we have worked hard to ensure Hive does just that. The Hive app became the first app ever to receive the Royal National Institute for Blind People’s (RNIB) ‘App accreditation’ for accessibility in 2014. To achieve this, we worked closely with the RNIB to really understand the challenges blind and partially sighted people have and what we can do to help overcome some of their issues. This resulted in Hive optimising the colours and layout of the app as well as embedding voice control features.  

Experience what the future Hive Connected Home will look like or explore how else we are helping our customers gain greater control over their energy.