Britain’s next generation of energy innovators

British Gas is creating the next generation of energy innovators through its education programme, Generation Green.

As Britain’s leading energy supplier, we can play a central role in helping society become more sustainable and through British Gas’ school’s education programme, Generation Green, we’re doing just that. Generation Green helps the next generation understand the importance of using energy more sustainably while inspiring them to become the energy innovators needed for the future. And so far, we have engaged over 14,000 schools with free energy efficient and low carbon technologies alongside free classroom resources that enrich the national curriculum.

In 2015, we gave schools the opportunity to win an energy makeover so that they can learn first-hand about the benefits of energy technologies and sustainable behaviour change. To win the makeover, children were tasked with designing an eco-school of their own, following a lesson about energy and sustainability. 

16 schools were lucky enough to win an energy makeover worth up to £100,000. The energy makeovers include technologies such as solar panels, insulation, new boilers and energy efficient LED lighting. An interactive display brings to life the difference these technologies are making to the school’s running costs and carbon emissions, while inspiring them to put into practice energy saving tips not just at school, but at home too.

Since 2010, British Gas has invested £3.4m in delivering 44 energy makeovers to schools, plus a further £15.4m installing solar panels at 264 schools. This has helped our schools save 2,787tCO2e each year.

Ysgol Hiraddug school in Denbighshire, North Wales, won a makeover courtesy of Generation Green. This has helped the school make savings of around £5,000 a year and has inspired the children to think innovatively about energy.

Head teacher, Gary Hulson said: “Changes were made to the boilers to make them more efficient in how they burned oil and the pipes were also insulated. Fifty solar panels were put on the roof and we were given a monitoring display screen so that the children can keep an eye the savings being made - the children are fascinated by it. They’ve also encouraged the message throughout the school by designing posters and putting stickers on light switches urging people not to waste electricity. What we have saved in energy bills has allowed us to spend more money on practical equipment for the children.”

In addition to installations, we offer all schools free curriculum linked educational resources available on Generation Green. Our people also volunteer to deliver energy related workshops for 7-11year olds making use of Centrica’s two day volunteering policy.  

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