Iain Conn on why #COP21 matters

As talks at the 2015 Paris Climate Conference begin, Iain Conn reflects in The New Statesman on twenty years of changing energy policy and on future pathways to tackle climate change.

Today marks the start of the UN Climate Conference in Paris, officially known as the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21), attended by all countries committed to taking action on climate change.

Climate change is one of the biggest global challenges facing society today, and Centrica fully supports the climate change targets set at a national and international level.

The power of customers to change the energy mix

Energy plays a vital role in the lives of individuals, families and businesses every day.  As well as cutting carbon emissions from our business, we believe the biggest contribution we can make to reducing energy’s impact on climate change is to empower our customers to reduce their own emissions.

As a 21st Century energy company, we are uniquely placed to do this by satisfying the changing needs of our customers through the innovative products and services we provide. This is helping transform energy relationships by giving customers greater choice and control over how they use and consume energy, their emissions, and their bills too.

In this week’s New Statesman, Iain Conn, Chief Executive, reflects on changing energy policy in the twenty years since the Conference of the Parties began, and why this year’s talks in Paris should be seen as encouraging.

Talking about future pathways for tackling global warming, Iain outlines the need for governments to drive future policy, and his optimism that consumer power can influence demand, drive efficiency and ultimately change the energy mix.


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