Case Study: Creating leaders for a better future

We're committed to responsible leadership which is why we've founded The Forward Institute, to develop the next generation of responsible leaders.

Business can play an important role shaping a better future – whether it’s meeting the changing needs of customers or reducing carbon emissions. As a 21st century energy company; we recognise that to achieve this, we must not only understand, but take on the challenges our sector faces.  That is why we have come together with other leading organisations to found The Forward Institute, which will create the next generation of responsible leaders who are committed to creating a positive difference in society.

60 of Britain’s strongest emerging leaders including five of our employees, have been selected to undertake an inaugural fellowship with non-profit, The Forward Institute.

Meet our Fellows and learn about the future they want to create

The Fellowship lasts 18 months and under the guidance of some of the most senior leaders in business, politics and civil society, alongside a series of workshops and projects, our people will explore what responsible leadership means for them and the action they can take to make a meaningful impact.

During this journey, Fellows will make way for new ways of thinking, strengthen their value systems, improve their ability to collaborate and drive innovation while developing their capability to run responsible and trustworthy businesses that create value in society.

These learnings will enable the Fellows to evolve our business and provide energy for a changing world. To do this, they will open a new dialogue with our senior leadership to propose and implement improvements in how we do business.

We look forward to seeing them lead our business and society, to a more sustainable future.

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