What does a HR Summer Placement do?

Gaby talks about her HR summer placement

Hi, I’m Gaby, and I’m about to go into my third year of studying Psychology at the University of Warwick. I’m currently on the HR Summer placement in the British Gas office in Leeds. Leeds is quite a while away from my home in the South, but so far I love it. It’s a very cool city!

I started my Centrica placement two days later than everyone else, (I still had exams quite late in the year) so I thought I’d be a bit behind, but so far I have been fine! On my first day I was given two projects; a main one and a smaller side project. My main one is looking at absence management, whilst the smaller one revolves around volunteering. Straight away I needed to start networking and talking to people to get both projects organised and underway. This was really good as I’ve always been nervous about making first contact with people who are so much higher up than me in business. But because of my projects I just had to get started and do it (with the help of my line manager!). They’ve all been lovely and very generous with their time, allowing me to get some meetings and chats set up straight away. Coming to the end of my first week, my plans for my projects are coming into place. The office is really friendly and welcoming; I’m looking forward to next week!