The Perks of working in Staines

IS graduate Molly talks about the perks of working Staines

My name is Molly Businge and I am an IS Graduate currently working with the Identity and Access Management team (IAM) in IS operations. IAM is part of the End User Computing team (EUC) responsible for ensuring that the right people have the right access to Centrica systems in the UK. I am in my second year of the Centrica Graduate Scheme in my 2nd placement.

At the moment I am ensuring that we manage our third party supplier access, by ensuring that users who have left the company or do not need to access our systems, have their access removed. I am also working with my team to ensure the efficiency and robustness of the new starter, mover and leaver process.

I am currently based in Staines and working in the Orbis building.

Orbis is a very beautiful office, located in a nice quiet area close to the town centre. The office is made up of 3 buildings i.e. Orbis 1, 2 and 3 and I love the building layout. It’s great, all 3 buildings are so close to each other it makes it easy when we have meetings in a different building. The canteen also serves an amazing range of meals which is always a plus!

Close to Orbis is our Lakeside office that has a 24 hour gym and you can take a walk to the gym from the office. The gym is equipped with various machines and includes exercise classes and massage sessions. I use this gym almost every day of the week (apart from the weekends).

The best thing about working in Staines for me is the location. It is quite convenient for me to get to the office and into London. From Staines to London Waterloo it's about 30 minutes on the train. I like the fact that Staines is not as busy as London, but yet close to that busy life if you want to have a feel of it.