Support is around every corner

Hamish explains more about the support networks as part of the Centrica graduate scheme

I have quickly realised during my few months here at Centrica and British Gas that it is certainly not a boring or dull industry to be working in. The workplace is extremely dynamic but more importantly incredibly exciting. However it is also very clear that you will never be left feeling alone and the support structure in Centrica is great, and as a graduate you will find it no different. Whether it’s your Buddy, a Mentor or simply another team member, as a Centrica graduate you will find a helping hand around every corner.

Every stream has a different support structure, but let me tell you about my personal experience as a marketing grad.

Before you start with Centrica, you will be allocated and contacted by your own personal Buddy and Mentor. Your buddy will be a graduate from an earlier cohort who is there to help you on a personal level. You can go to them for advice for things you may not want to ask your line manager about. They will have firsthand experience of the graduate program and so will be able to offer a great insight into the in’s and out’s of the graduate scheme.

You will also be assigned a Mentor, who will likely be a member of higher level management, they will act as a gateway into the vast Centrica network. They will work with you directly to help establish what direction you want your career to go and then help facilitate you in making that happen. This could be from introducing you to relevant colleagues to identifying useful training sessions to help maximise your chances to succeed.

Another great source of help and support is the graduate team. These are the people who were in charge of hiring you so will do all they can to ensure you have the most positive experience possible once you are here. They are also responsible for organising training and getting you involved with other team building activities.

Each stream also has a stream specific Graduate Team who will be chaired by your Graduate Team Manager, or GTM. Your GTM offers another source of support where you can always go with any problems or worries. They will also be the best person to speak to with questions regarding your current and future placements.

Graduates are now also being allocated Coaches, who will set up personal sessions with you at least 6 times a year. Their role is to help you succeed and will work with you to unlock your potential. They will identify areas for you to concentrate on which will help you be the best you can be.

Also, you must not feel that because you are a graduate you will be isolated. Your line manager and team are essential areas of support and will be great helping you settle into to your role. Your line manager will be dedicated to helping your development, not just with regards to your role within that team, but will also help identify areas of personal growth that will hopefully help you develop into a future leader within Centrica. You will not be ostracised by other team members because you are a graduate, but welcomed with open arms and will quickly be made to feel part of the team.

You are not simply limited to the support structure you are allocated. You may find a senior member of your team is a huge source of help and works great as an additional mentor. It is also a great idea to integrate with the graduate network and establish a number of buddies. It is likely that there will be someone who may have the same worries as you, or someone who has faced the same problems in the past and will be able to offer advice in how to overcome them.

So, as a Centrica graduate, support is everywhere you look. Everyone is extremely friendly and happy to help, and as a business, Centrica will do everything it can to ensure you are happy and feel supported.