Starting out as a Centrica Summer Intern

Lizzie talks to us about her Analyst summer placement experience

Short Introduction… I’m Lizzie, I’ve just finished my chemistry degree and I’m going to do a Masters in Sustainable Energy next year. I was on the summer placement programme last year, blogging up until I broke my hip. Centrica took great care of me though, and let me come back again this year, determined not to break any more bones! I’m on the Analyst stream working with the SAP Services team in Windsor.

So far… I’ve been conducting a company-wide survey of people’s experience with an internal IT system called SAP Service and, developing a method for carrying out this survey regularly in the future. This involved looking at everyones interaction with the service, deciding how I was going to carry out the survey and making the calls and emails necessary to gather the data. I got to phone people from all across the business, some as far afield as the Netherlands and Norway!

Yesterday… We had an interactive drama-based workshop on talking to people about health and safety issues. I learned that this can cover everything from the safety of people on oil rigs, to your concerns for the welfare of a colleague. Learning about how to approach these conversations really made me think about how we interact with people, especially in difficult situations.

Looking forward to… The training day on Friday. Everyone on the summer placement programme will come back to Windsor from all over the country. Details in the next post!