Oliver Green: My journey to the Centrica graduate programme

Oliver Green: My journey to the Centrica graduate programme

Prior to joining Centrica, I studied Forensic Computing & Security at Bournemouth University. During my degree I had a year in industry where I worked at GE Capital as an IT Risk and Readiness Intern. Before heading back to university for my final year I was given the amazing opportunity of working at Centrica in their Summer Placement Scheme in IS. My placement was with the Application Security team, and at the end of the scheme I was invited back the following year to join the graduate scheme whereby I was placed within the same team.

Knowing I would return to the same team gave me the opportunity of working with them throughout my final year of university, this work came in the form of a project that would evolve into the focus of my university dissertation. This was an amazing opportunity and ensured that I got the grade that I desired and that I maintained a working relationship with my future colleagues.

My first role within the Application Security team is focused around process improvement. I’ll be reviewing and providing proof of concepts on various tools that we hope to incorporate into the team. I’ll also be analysing our current process against industry standards and building on our process in areas where we are currently lacking.

As well as a role within IS, I’ve also branched out and become part of the graduate social media team as a LinkedIn Champion. This role is around posting and creating interesting content for our Graduate Recruitment LinkedIn page. It’s a role that I was interested in because it’s very different to my current role and has also allowed me to branch out and meet new people.

Outside of work I enjoy a wide variety of sports and hobbies. My main hobbies include football, skiing, running, gym, video games, video game design and blogging.