My top tips for applying to the Centrica graduate scheme

A current graduates top tips for applying to the Centrica graduate scheme

Hi I'm Mark, one of our Customer Operations grads – here are my top tips for applying!

  • For the online application read through the leadership behaviours that are on the website and think of how you can use any experiences to display that behaviour, think STAR (situation, task, action, results), people always say this but it works! Keep answers to the point too.
  • For the telephone interview stick to the same sort of process as above but try to have a few different examples, maybe two for each behaviour. Don’t be afraid of silence either, it’s fine to ask for a minute just to think through an answer before you start speaking to make sure you know exactly what you want to say.
  • For the assessment centre just be confident, you’ve got that far so you must have something to offer!

Interested in Customer Operations and want a grad job before Christmas? We have an assessment centre on 16th of December, find out more and apply at

A bit about me....

I studied for a Masters degree in Chemistry at Edinburgh University but decided I didn’t want to follow that up with a career directly dealing with the subject, as such Centrica offered a great opportunity to explore something a bit different.

I completed the Centrica Summer Placement in Customer Operations during my penultimate year at university. I was based in Leeds working for British Gas New Energy and really enjoyed it. I found the placement combined the skills I’d learnt throughout my degree with the experience I’d had at my part time job working as a team manager for a high street supermarket. On completion of my summer placement I was offered a place on the 2014 Customer Operations Graduate Scheme and obviously I said yes!

I’m now almost finished my 3 month placement in Debt Operations for Corporate Markets in Oxford and I have had a great time so far. I’m looking forward to my 1st 8 month placement in Staines at British Gas Headquarters working as a Process Manager for one of the many projects that are handled there; it'll be another chance to try something a bit different