Assessment Centre ABCs

Tips on how to approach our graduate assessment centres

Hello, my name is Hedy and I am working at Centrica as a Summer intern on the Procurement & Supply Chain scheme.

I can still remember the day of my Assessment Centre vividly – waiting with other candidates in the lobby, the group exercise, the individual interview, the dreaded presentation and having lunch with senior managers.

Here is just an A-Z summary of my thoughts and feelings on my experience of that fateful day that led me to my current placement.

Anticipation of the assessment centre is worse than the reality.

Be prepared and do your research on the

Core competencies of Centrica.

Demonstrate them at all stages of the recruitment process, especially in interviews, by giving

Examples of where you displayed them, be it academic, personal or professional experiences.

Find out as much as you can about Centrica and your stream -what about them interests you.

Group exercises are designed to demonstrate your teamwork abilities.

Help yourself feel at ease by forgetting the competitiveness in that moment.

It will help create a positive environment.

Jump in to take the lead when you have a concrete plan or an idea to suggest.

Know when you should listen to others and be a team player instead.

Look beyond just your own contribution to consider the success of the whole task.

Make sure you are confident in your presentation.

Not only content matters, but also the way you deliver yourself.

Obviously, it will not be the best presentation you give in your life. But nobody expects it to be

Perfect. It won’t be. The

Question is how well you can deliver under pressure.

Reach out to people. Many potential colleagues will be there to talk to you on the day.

Start conversation, ask questions, and network. At least

Two graduates (or so I’ve heard) will be facilitating your AC.

Utilize your time with them. Ask them about their

Valuable experiences. Find out if what they are doing is what you want to be doing.

Well, congratulations on having made it this far!

X – Remember, it’s okay to not have an answer (like how I have hit a roadblock here).

You just have to be honest. Admit that you don’t know, ask someone who does and learn something from it. Arrive on the day expecting to be stretched beyond your comfort


Good luck!