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British Gas has agreed to take on the customers of Zebra Power Limited (Zebra) and Bluegreen Energy Services Limited (Bluegreen) and will ensure they continue to receive an uninterrupted supply of gas and electricity after the two suppliers ceased trading last week. Zebra supplies around 14,800 domestic customers, and Bluegreen supplies around 5,900 domestic customers plus a small number of business customers.

This switchover is part of Ofgem’s Supplier of Last Resort (SOLR) process. In line with the regulatory framework, it has been agreed with Ofgem that all costs incurred by British Gas that it is not able to recover as a result of taking on the customers, including additional costs of buying energy, the refund of domestic credit balances, and other necessary efficiently incurred operating costs, will be recoverable through the established industry levy in a timely manner. British Gas will do everything it can to minimise those costs.

Customers can find out more on the British Gas website.

"We welcome customers of Zebra and Bluegreen to British Gas, and we’ll ensure the switchover is as smooth as possible. We’re a brand trusted by millions and our new customers will benefit from the range of advantages that come with being a British Gas customer, including access to exclusive offers on services like boiler cover, Hive products and British Gas Rewards. The actions we have taken over the past couple of years mean Centrica is in a robust financial position, and as a responsible energy supplier built on a sustainable model we are well hedged for the coming winter. We have now taken on the customers of six failed suppliers through Ofgem’s Supplier of Last Resort process this year and we’ll continue to do what we can to help stabilise and support the sector and work as part of wider industry efforts to drive regulatory reforms which are urgently required."

Chris O'Shea, Group Chief Executive, Centrica

In the coming weeks, we will be in touch with Zebra and Bluegreen customers on the process of moving over. Customers will need to take a meter reading and provide this to British Gas when prompted to make sure they are billed accurately. We will take care of everything else and will be on hand to help with any questions.


  • Ofgem announced on 1 November that Bluegreen had ceased to trade and on 2 November that Zebra had ceased to trade.
  • As part of Ofgem’s Supplier of Last Resort process, customers will receive an uninterrupted supply of energy and domestic customers’ credit balances are protected. Ofgem encourage customers not to switch until they are set up with their new supplier.
  • Including Zebra and Bluegreen, British Gas will have taken on customers of six failed suppliers through Ofgem’s Supplier of Last Resort process in 2021 to date – having already stepped in for customers of Simplicity Energy, PfP Energy, MoneyPlus Energy and People’s Energy.