Annual Report and Accounts 2019

Further to the release of the Company's preliminary results announcement on 13 February 2020, the Company announces that it has today published its Annual Report and Accounts 2019 (Annual Report 2019).

In accordance with Listing Rule 9.6.1, copies of the following documents have been submitted to the UK Listing Authority and will shortly be available for inspection from the National Storage Mechanism at

  • Annual Report 2019; and
  • Annual Review 2019.

The above documents are also available at

This information should be read in conjunction with the Company’s preliminary results announcement. A condensed set of the Company’s financial statements and information on important events that have occurred during the financial year and their impact on the financial statements, were included in the preliminary results announcement released on 13 February 2020. That information, together with the information set out below, which is extracted from the Annual Report 2019, is provided in accordance with the Disclosure and Transparency Rule (DTR) 6.3.5R, which requires it to be communicated to the media in full unedited text through a Regulatory Information Service. This announcement is not a substitute for reading the full Annual Report 2019.  Page and note references in the text below refer to page numbers and note numbers in the Annual Report 2019.    

Principal Risks

The Group Risk Universe is made up of a holistic framework of Principal Risks, laid out below in the Group’s order of prioritisation based on potential impact then likelihood of the risk. We have indicated if the magnitude of the risk driving the prioritisation of risks has increased, decreased or remained unchanged from last year. The Board makes a robust assessment of these Principal Risks, considering future performance and our ability to deliver the strategy, including solvency and liquidity risks. In order to reflect the evolving risk landscape, we have made a number of changes to our Group Risk Universe:

  • Information Systems and Security: the Board agreed to separate this into two Principal Risks (Digital Technology and Information Systems and Cyber, Security and Resilience), enabling more focused conversations on how we are investing in our digital transformation and our ongoing security and recognising the different appetites for risk between these two areas.
  • Regulated Insurance and Services: a new Principal Risk, capturing risk relating to our regulated insurance and services businesses British Gas Insurance Limited and British Gas Services Limited. This will facilitate the alignment of our Group Enterprise Risk Framework with the requirements for these businesses.

For each Principal Risk, we discuss the nature of the risk and the impact on our Group Priorities. Each Principal Risk is regularly overseen directly by the Board or one of its Committees, with the Board retaining overall responsibility for risk across the Group.

Our assessment of risk extends to risks associated with our investments in joint ventures and associates, including our nuclear business. The impact and likelihood of these risks are evaluated and reported using a consistent approach. 

Read the full RNS here.