Interim results for the period ended 30 June 2019

Iain Conn, Group Chief Executive: “Centrica faced an exceptionally challenging environment in the first half of 2019, which impacted earnings and cash flows. We have also regrettably had to make the decision to rebase the dividend due to our changed circumstances including the UK energy price cap and increased demands on our cash flows, including additional pension contributions.

"The outlook is more positive for the second half of the year and we expect this momentum to continue into 2020, while we expect to meet our cash flow and net  targets for 2019. Today, we have announced our intention to exit oil and gas production. This will complete our shift towards the customer, as we focus on our distinctive strengths, with an emphasis on helping our customers transition to a lower carbon future. This major refocusing of our portfolio will unlock further efficiencies enabling us to be even more cost-competitive, as we focus on being a leading Energy Services and Solutions provider.”

Group financial summary

Six months ended 30 June 2019 2018 Change
Adjusted revenue* £13,808m  £14,020m (2%)
Adjusted gross margin £1,927m £2,256m (15%)
EBITDA £1,075m £1,324m (19%)
Adjusted operating profit £399m £782m (49%)
Adjusted effective tax rate 47% 39% 8ppt
Adjusted earnings for the period attributable to shareholders £134m £358m (63%)
Adjusted basic earnings per share (EPS) 2.4p 6.4p (63%)
Interim dividend per share 1.5p 3.6p (58%)
Adjusted operating cash flow £744m £1,101m (32%)
Group net debt £3,376m** £2,886m 17%
Statutory operating (loss) / profit (£446m) £704m nm
Statutory profit / (loss) for the period attributable to shareholders (£550m) £238m nm
Statutory net cash flow from operating activities £177m £876m (80%)
Net exceptional items after taxation included in statutory profit (£260m) (£169m) (54%)
Basic earnings per share (9.6p) 4.3p nm

*The Group has amended the presentation of energy derivative contracts and re-presented prior period accordingly. See note 3(c) to the Financial Statements for further details.

** Includes an impact of Centrica adopting IFRS 16 from 1 January 2019 of £394m. See notes 3(a) and 12(b) for further details.

See notes 3, 4 and 9 to the Financial Statements and pages 58 to 61 in the full document for an explanation of the use of adjusted performance measures.

First Half results and outlook

  • A challenging environment in H1 2019 impacted adjusted earnings and adjusted operating cash flow. 
  • Overall growth in Centrica Consumer customer accounts of 314,000. UK Home accounts down 38,000 with energy supply accounts down 178,000, but with growth in May and June. UK services accounts up 140,000. 
  • 2019 full year adjusted earnings expected to be weighted towards H2, providing momentum into 2020.
  • Continue to expect to meet 2019 full year Group financial targets, including adjusted operating cash flow in the range £1.8bn-£2.0bn and net debt in the range £3.0bn-£3.5bn.

Strategy and portfolio

  • Centrica will complete its shift towards the customer by exiting oil & gas production which, combined with our intended exit from Nuclear generation, will create a leading international Energy Services and Solutions provider.
  • Focus on our distinctive strengths in energy supply and its optimisation, and on services and solutions centred around energy, with a major emphasis on helping our customers transition to a lower carbon future.
  • Specific actions taken to improve positioning of UK Home, Connected Home and North America Business:
  • UK Home to be fundamentally rebased, driving structural changes in customer journeys and further reductions in the cost base.
  • Connected Home refocused on the UK and Ireland with propositions centred around Home Energy Management, and renamed Centrica Home Solutions.
  • North America Business - actions taken to improve average returns to at least 10-12% and reduce volatility. 
  • Further efficiency and accelerated delivery unlocked through the refocused portfolio. 
  • Targeting £1bn of annualised efficiencies over the period 2019-22, up £250m compared to the previous target. Total cash restructuring expenditure of around £1.25bn expected to be required to deliver savings.  
  • Will move Centrica towards becoming the most competitive provider in all its markets, enabling stabilisation and subsequent growth of customer numbers and margin.

Dividend and balance sheet

  • 2019 full year expected dividend rebased to 5.0p per share reflecting changed circumstances, including the UK default tariff price cap, and additional pension deficit contributions and restructuring charges.
  • E&P and Nuclear divestment proceeds used to fund restructuring costs and underpin balance sheet to ensure strong investment grade credit rating

Group Metrics

Six months ended 30 June 2019 2018 Change
Total recordable injury frequency rate (per 200,000 hours worked) * 0.97 1.13 (14%)
Brand Net Promoter Score (NPS)      
UK Home 5 (2) 7pt
North America Home 32 32 0pt
UK Business (3) (13) 10pt
North America Business 38 32 6pt
Customer account holdings (period end)      
Energy supply and services (‘000s) ** 23,562 23,971 (2%)
Connected Home cumulative customers (‘000s) 1,544 1,035 49%
Energy supply (‘000s) 1,201 1,223 (2%)
DE&P active customer sites 5,821 5,120 14%
Total customer energy consumption      
Gas (mmth) 7,226 6,940 4%
Electricity (GWh) 62,193 64,922 (4%)
Energy use per Home energy customer (kWh)      
UK 4,571 5,037 (9%)
North America 14,068 14,773 (5%)
Annualised cost per Home customer (£) ***      
UK 103 101 2%
North America 196 183 7%
Growth revenue (Connected Home, DE&P) (£m) **** 154 105 47%
E&P total production volumes (mmboe) 29.7 32.0 (7%)
Controllable operating costs (£m) ***** 1,244 1,273 (2%)
Controllable operating costs as a % of underlying adjusted gross margin ***** 66% 56% 10ppt
Direct Group headcount (period end) ****** 29,378 31,939 (8%)
Adjusted operating cash flow (£m) 744 1,101 (32%)
Underlying adjusted operating cash flow growth ***** (12%) (15%) nm
Group net investment (£m) ****      
Capital expenditure (including acquisitions) 355 493 (28%)
Net disposals (216) (30) (620%)
Total Group net investment (£m) 139 463 (70%)
ROACE (post-tax) ***** nm nm nm
Adjusted gross margin (£m)      
Centrica Consumer 1,190 1,399 (15%)
Centrica Business 436 507 (14%)
E&P 301 350 (14%)
Total adjusted gross margin (£m) 1,927 2,256 (15%)
Adjusted operating profit (£m) 399 782 (49%)
Adjusted earnings (£m) 134 358 (63%)
Adjusted earnings per share (pence) 2.4p 6.4p (63%)

* Group and business unit total recordable injury frequency rate (per 200,000 hours worked) is on a 12 month rolling basis.

** North America services account holdings have been redefined to exclude minor contract add-ons on home warranty contracts. 2018 has been restated accordingly.

*** Annualised cost per Home customer is controllable operating costs and controllable cost of sales (costs which management deem can be directly influenced and excluding items such as commodity costs and transmission and distribution costs) per the total of holdings, installs and on demand jobs. North America and Ireland 2018 restated for foreign exchange movements.

**** Growth revenue is gross revenue for both Connected Home and Distributed Energy & Power.

***** See pages 58 to 61 for an explanation of the use of adjusted performance measures. ROACE is only measured annually.

****** Direct Group headcount excludes contractors, agency and outsourced staff.

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