Centrica Innovations backs Powerhouse Ventures to support the next generation of energy companies

Centrica Innovations has invested in Powerhouse Ventures, the first seed specific fund for clean energy companies in the U.S.

Since 2013, Powerhouse has housed and supported over 60 clean energy startups through its Oakland based co-working space and incubator. Building on this success, Powerhouse is launching Powerhouse Ventures to back the latest in digital technology and business model innovation in energy. Powerhouse Ventures will invest in 30-40 seed stage startups over the next five years and leverage its vast network of global partners to help portfolio companies gain customer traction and scale.

Centrica Innovations invests in new technology and ideas that will transform the way we live, work and move. 

“As we search for the next solution that can benefit our customers, it’s important to have visibility into early stage companies,” said Christophe Defert, vice president of Centrica Innovations.

“Powerhouse Ventures is at the center of a vibrant ecosystem of energy start-ups, and this investment allows us to be involved with those young companies and track them as they mature. Additionally, Emily and her all-female team do outstanding work and we are happy to support them.” 

Centrica Innovations joins a group of investors that represent some of the most renowned executives and companies in the industry. Powerhouse Ventures’ initial investments include Station A, Solstice Energy Solutions, Sparkmeter, and Leap. These startups reflect the fund’s aim to support companies building an energy system that is decarbonized, decentralized, democratized, and digitized. 

To read more about Powerhouse, visit: https://powerhouse.fund/