Welcome to the world's first Google Street View tour of an offshore gas platform

Via this technology, it is now possible to get exclusive access to a selection of Cygnus’ most restricted areas, including the helipad, accommodation, the gym, the games and cinema rooms, the medical centre and the heart of the operation: the main control room. Through a series of video interviews with the onboard staff, Street View gives unique insights into the lives of those working offshore. 

Key facts about the Cygnus Gas Platform

  • The Cygnus Alpha installation is located in the southern North Sea - 95 miles from the nearest coast. 
  • Cygnus consists of two installations – Alpha & Bravo. The Alpha installation has three platforms: one for drilling and extracting gas; one for processing and exporting it; and one for accommodation and support services. 
  • The platform has been producing enough gas to heat the equivalent of 1.5 million UK homes since the first gas started flowing in December 2016. 
  • Discovered in 1988, Cygnus is the biggest discovery in the southern North Sea the last 25 years. 
  • Cygnus has estimated gross 2P reserves of approximately 635 billion cubic feet of gas. 
  • At peak, the field will contribute 5% of the UK’s total gas production 
  • It exports gas via a new 55km connection to an existing pipeline, which ends at Bacton, Norfolk. 
  • During construction the project generated £1.3billion for the UK economy, supporting 5,000 jobs across the UK supply chain. 
  • The Cygnus gas field has an estimated production life of at least 20 years. 
  • The accommodation platform can host 66 workers in hotel-style facilities that include en-suite bedrooms, a restaurant, a gym and a cinema.  

To find out more visit: https://www.spirit-energy.com/cygnus/ 

Cygnus has become the first ever offshore platform to be accessible via Google Street View, giving a unique opportunity to explore the largest producing gas field in the southern North Sea.