OhmConnect Partners with Centrica Hive

Californians now can make their home smarter, optimize their energy use and get paid

Centrica Hive, the business behind the Hive smart home brand, today announced a partnership with OhmConnect, a California-based software energy management company that allows its subscribers to maximize energy usage in return for cash payment.

OhmConnect customers will receive 20% off select Hive smart home packs – which give their customers increased control of energy products from virtually anywhere, and users will be rewarded with up to 4,000 OhmCredit points when they purchase and activate the Hive Welcome Home pack or the Hive Heating and Cooling pack. Both packs include a beautifully designed Hive Active Thermostat. Simple and easy to use, customers can control their energy usage and manage their homes more effectively with the ability to remotely adjust heating and cooling from their smartphone, whether they are at home or on-the-go. Hive smart home devices also work with smart speakers, like Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

OhmConnect is a service designed for customers in several parts of California to offset energy by alerting them when they should save energy. OhmConnect users can connect their Hive smart devices to the OhmConnect app to enjoy all the benefits of the smart home and get paid while saving energy.

During peak grid consumption times, OhmConnect sends #OhmHours notifications where customers can earn credits for energy not used. This program is based on gamification, where customers are incentivized to participate and can redeem their credits for direct monetary compensation.

The Hive partnership will allow OhmConnect to remotely connect with its customers' Hive smart devices to deliver demand response related capabilities. For example, a user will be able to elect whether they would like to have their Hive Active Thermostat remotely set to an energy efficient temperature during #OhmHours, to maximize their energy savings.

"Designed to make the smart home accessible, the Hive smart home experience will allow OhmConnect customers to conveniently manage their homes and their energy more easily," said Roy Vella, Vice President & General Manager North America, Centrica Hive. "We are proud to work with a partner like OhmConnect in the U.S. to help reduce stress on the grid."

"OhmConnect is excited to announce our partnership with Hive," said Matt Duesterberg, CEO, OhmConnect. "Their best-in-class smart home products, combined with our energy sharing service, paves the way to a sustainable energy future and smart homes for everyone."

For more information, visit: www.ohmconnect.com/hive.