Centrica invests in industrial cyber security provider, Indegy

Centrica plc has announced an investment in Indegy as part of a £14m ($18m) funding round. A leader in industrial cyber security, Indegy specialises in technology that gives businesses visibility and control over their industrial control systems to protect against cyber threats, malicious insiders and human error.

Totally non-intrusive, the Indegy solution can be deployed with no impact on customers’ operations, and has been designed to detect anomalies on industrial control systems, using advanced machine-learning technology to analyse and alert users to suspicious activity on their network.

The investment has been made by Centrica Innovations, established in 2017 to identify, incubate and accelerate new technologies with the potential to transform the way we live, work and move.

Christophe Defert, Ventures Director for Centrica Innovations, said: “Indegy has developed an impressive suite of products that help protect industrial systems used in a variety of sectors including energy, water, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. We are looking forward to working with the team as we explore ways to deploy distributed energy resources with the optimal security solution.”

The investment has been made in partnership with Centrica Business Solutions, which aims to bring large energy users end-to-end solutions to improve performance and cost management, strengthen resilience, and create opportunities for growth.

In a survey of over 1,000 businesses by the business earlier this year, cyber-crime was identified as the biggest perceived risk to organisations .

Yaniv Vardi, regional director of Centrica Business Solutions said: “Talking to our customers, we know that businesses are taking an increasingly strategic approach to their energy and are looking for ways to improve their resilience against potential issues with their power supply and other external factors such as cyber-crime.

“In an ever more connected world, this investment is an important step forward in the development of new offers for our customers that will build on our existing portfolio of energy management solutions.”

For more information on Centrica Innovations, go to www.centrica.com/CI.