Centrica Business Solutions launches offer in Netherlands and Hungary

Centrica has launched its distributed energy and power proposition to businesses in Hungary and the Netherlands under the Centrica Business Solutions banner

Centrica Business Solutions has been established to help customers harness the power of distributed energy, bringing users intelligent, end-to-end solutions to deliver improvements in operational performance, strengthen resilience, and create opportunities for growth.

The company already has maintenance contracts in place for 230MW of generation capacity in the Netherlands and serves 500 customers including Delft University of Technology and the Leiden University Medical Center. In Hungary, the company has around 100 customers, delivering combined heat and power (CHP); boilers; and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to a variety of sectors including healthcare, pharmaceutical and leisure facilities.

Jorge Pikunic, global Managing Director of Centrica Business Solutions, said: “Having acquired ENER-G Cogen International in 2016, we already have a strong track-record in both countries that goes back over thirty years.

“But energy is changing rapidly. As Centrica Business Solutions, the team will continue to offer market-leading generation technology to our customers, helping them to improve the resilience and cost effectiveness of their operations, and will be building on the existing offer to include energy insights, optimisation and further energy solutions such as solar.”

To find out more, go to www.centricabusinesssolutions.com