Keep Connected to Home and Family with Hive Home Check

New monthly service plan from Centrica's smart home brand Hive helps people ‘check in' with their home and loved ones from wherever they are.

Centrica Connected Home today unveiled its second smart home plan, Hive Home Check, which combines a suite of connected devices and services designed to give people added reassurance by being their eyes and ears when away from home.

Hive Home Check makes connected technology simple, affordable and accessible for everyone. Built with the newly launched Hive Camera at its heart, this monthly plan will help families stay in touch with their home, and each other, 24-hours a day.

The Hive Home Check service contains the Hive Camera, a Motion Sensor, two Contact Sensors and two Hive Active Light Cool to Warm White bulbs, all controllable via smartphone. Customers can easily link products together – like have a motion sensor switch on a light automatically – through Hive Actions, and set schedules and receive notifications.  The service includes an ongoing warranty on all Hive products; access premium features such as SMS notifications, with additional features in the pipeline like mimic mode where lights can simulate normal occupancy; discounts on Hive products; and the ability to avoid upfront costs by spreading payment for the products required.  

Nina Bhatia, Managing Director, Centrica Connected Home, commented:

Our customers tell us they want to check their homes and families are safe and well when they’re not there, so we’ve created Hive Home Check to make it easy to do just that. 

Hive Home Check offers a stress-free option to add that extra level of reassurance at an accessible monthly cost. Whether it’s looking to keep an eye on your sleeping baby in the other room or enjoying your time on holiday knowing your home is just how you left it, Hive Home Check delivers peace of mind through an easy, affordable and intuitive experience.”

How Hive Home Check works

Hive Camera provides livestreaming HD footage of the home straight to a smartphone. It can record activity, log all motion or sound detected, and features night vision. Its two-way audio feature means customers can play the sound of an alarm or dog barking if un-wanted activity is spotted, or talk to loved ones directly, soothing children or keeping naughty pets in line.

Hive Sensors can send alerts if doors or windows are opened, or motion detected, and can be linked with Hive Active Light bulbs to automatically switch them on or off. Hive Active Light bulbs can also be controlled remotely via smartphone, and can have a schedule set to come on and off when away, giving the impression of people at home.

Hive Home Check is available for purchase in the UK from the 12th July. For the first 12 months, it costs £24.99 a month with a Hive hub, or £21.99 for existing Hive customers who don’t require a new Hive hub. After 12 months, customers pay a service fee (currently £4.99) on a rolling monthly contract.    

For more information about Hive Home Check, smart home brand Hive and the Let’s Get Living campaign, visit or search #LetsGetLiving.