Centrica's Smart Home Brand Hive Launches ‘Let’s Get Living’

New identity, positioning and campaign show how Hive services help people make the most of life

Leading UK smart home brand Hive, from Centrica Connected Home, today unveiled its new identity, positioning and Let’s Get Living campaign. The moves take effect simultaneously in multiple markets including North America, a priority territory for the brand.

The new Hive brand identity is live across all its channels, with the Let’s Get Living campaign launching across the US, Canada and the UK from Saturday 10th June. 

Today’s developments are the cornerstone of a £500 million investment by global energy and services company, Centrica, to take the Hive experience to multiple markets, with the aim of making the connected home simple, affordable and accessible for everyone. 

The campaign follows the launch of Hive Welcome Home, the first package of subscription-based smart home service offerings built around helping people to leave hassle-free in the morning, and return from work to a home just as they like it. Hive Welcome Home launched in the US, Canada and UK in May 2017.

In North America and the UK, Hive services are available through both Hive and partner channels, including Centrica sister brands Direct Energy and British Gas respectively. 

Nina Bhatia, Managing Director of Centrica Connected Home, the business behind the Hive brand, commented: “Thanks to our knowledge of more than half a million customers, we know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach. We’re responding to that, providing tailored and accessible smart home experiences to make everyday life easier.”

“There’s still a big job to do to show people how having a smart home enhances daily living, which is what our campaign sets out to do. Our brand positioning, Let’s Get Living creative and our subscription plans are all about freeing people up to help them get more from life.” 

The Hive brand 

Centrica Connected Home has refreshed the Hive brand visual identity and tone of voice, so they enable both emotional and functional storytelling. 

“Our aim was to bring the human touch to the Hive brand”, said Nicky Mackrell, Global Brand and Marketing Director, Centrica Connected Home. “We want everyone to be able to connect with the Hive experience, not just people interested in technology.” 

“Our brand is designed to be bright, friendly and approachable.  We’ve focused on vibrant colors and dynamic stories of people in real use case scenarios to shake up what’s traditionally been seen as a device-led category.” 

For more information about Hive and the Let’s Get Living campaign, visit: www.hivehome.com or search #LetsGetLiving.