Centrica showcases British innovation at global tech event

The Minister for Digital and Culture, Matt Hancock MP, cited Centrica as a leading technology firm among the British companies participating in the renowned global Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Friday 6 January 2017. CES has attracted worldwide media coverage over the week, where the focus is on key technology trends for the year ahead and beyond. As in previous years, the Smart Home has been one of the prominent themes at this year’s show.

Speaking at the CES, Mr Hancock told BBC News that Centrica was one of the larger British companies attending the show, and pointed to the way technology was increasingly driving energy use in the home. The minister met Mark Hodges, Group Executive Director, and Nina Bhatia, Managing Director of Connected Home, to learn about Centrica’s Connected Home business and Hive brand.

After the discussion, Mark Hodges commented:

“Nina and I found our meeting with the minister very useful. We set out for him how Hive is already the UK’s leading smart home brand, and that our aim now is to grow Centrica’s connected home business internationally, here in North America and elsewhere.”

Through the Hive brand, Centrica is the number one player in the UK connected home market, with 500,000 customers.

An extensive and growing range of innovative products is linked to the Hive app, including the smart thermostat, motion sensors, smart lights, and smart plugs. These are showing high levels of customer satisfaction and recommendation.