Centrica has installed 4 million smart meters in our customers’ homes

Catherine O'Kelly

By Catherine O'Kelly
Industry Development Director, British Gas

Centrica is leading the way with the UK's nationwide smart meter roll out, so we are proud to confirm that we've now installed 4 million smart meters in homes.

Smart meters are essential in making people’s lives simpler, smarter and more connected. We're on a mission to offer all our customers smart meters by 2020 and achieve our Government mandate.  Reaching 4 million by June is a great achievement by everyone involved and sees us hitting a key milestone.
Millions of people are now benefiting from automated meter reads and accurate bills, and are keeping track of the energy they use in pounds and pence.
Centrica is committed to making Britain’s homes smarter and more connected and the Government’s smart meter programme is a crucial part of this movement.
We are also helping customers take greater control of their homes through our range of Hive products giving them an easy way to manage their homes (heating, lighting, sensors and plugs remotely). We are excited that alongside smart meters, we will soon be trialling new and complementary technologies like Green Running’s Verv advanced home energy monitor, which could help to give customers extra insight into their energy usage.
Centrica is bringing the UK a glimpse of a new energy future with a pioneering trial in Cornwall. The £19m Local Energy Market programme will see the installation of new technology into over 150 homes and businesses with the aim of testing the next generation of smart technology, flexible demand, generation and storage as part of the future UK energy mix.
These are just a few examples of the innovations Centrica is exploring to benefit our customers and achieve our goal of creating a smarter energy future.

The smart meter is the start of this journey for many consumers and we’ve had great feedback from customers so far. They’ve loved being able to see how much they are using day to day and make some small changes in order to save money.
With 4 million smart meters installed to date, and with installs taking place at a rate of one every 30 seconds, the smart revolution is well underway!


Catherine O'Kelly - Director, Smart Metering, Centrica