Policy Exchange call for customer smart energy revolution

Centrica has welcomed Policy Exchange's report on ‘Power 2.0: building a smarter, greener, cheaper electricity system’, calling on the industry to put the customer at the heart of the UK’s smart energy revolution.

Speaking at the launch of the report, Jorge Pikunic, Managing Director for Centrica's Distributed Energy & Power business said: "Today's report is an important step forward in making the case for a smarter power system. 

"But this isn't something the energy industry and government can deliver in isolation. Last year, demand from the industrial and services sectors was around 30% of all energy consumption and at least 25% of emissions - I believe this is where we need to start. 

"Distributed energy solutions put the power in the hands of the customer. Whether they are generating it, storing it, or simply managing it more effectively, the opportunity for businesses and other large energy users to make savings is clear. As an industry, we need to work harder to help customers understand the options open to them and deliver those solutions."


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Through our Distributed Energy & Power business we are developing integrated energy solutions for businesses and other large energy users, including flexible generation, energy management systems, and battery storage.