British Gas Business announcement

British Gas Business agrees to pay £4.5 million over failure to deliver advanced meters to some larger businesses by April 2014.


  • Some larger electricity customers did not receive advanced meters by April 2014 deadline
  • British Gas Business had installed around 42,000 meters at relevant premises by the deadline
  • £4.5 million will be paid to the Carbon Trust  - which offers businesses the opportunity to save energy

British Gas Business (BGB) has agreed to pay £4.5 million to fund energy-saving audits, advice and energy efficiency measures for business through the Carbon Trust, after not delivering some advanced meters for business by April 2014.

The payment was agreed with Ofgem after the regulator investigated BGB’s rollout of advanced meters for businesses between 2009 and 2014.

BGB installed around 42,000 meters at relevant premises but some customers, including some who had recently joined, did not receive advanced meters. BGB has installed more advanced meters for business than any other energy supplier.

Gab Barbaro, Managing Director of British Gas Business, said:

"British Gas Business made significant efforts to deliver advanced meters to its customers and installed more than 42,000 meters in businesses across the country ahead of the 2014 deadline. Since that date we’ve continued to install advanced meters in thousands of our customers’ businesses. We accept we could have done more to meet the deadline, and we remain absolutely committed to delivering them to our business customers. Customers who want an advanced meter can contact us. 

“Our payment to the Carbon Trust will allow many businesses to access energy saving expertise.”

One of the many advantages of advanced meters is that energy bills do not need to be estimated, because they automatically send readings to a supplier, at intervals of up to every half an hour. BGB ensured that a reading was taken every month from relevant customers who did not have advanced meters, and offered them energy efficiency advice.


Note to editors

British Gas Business supplies around 400,000 customers through more than 700,000 electricity and gas supply points.

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