Welcome to our new-look website

Welcome to our new-look website

Please join us in welcoming our corporate website into the 21st century digital space.

Centrica.com has been rebuilt to deliver the best possible experience for all users; whether you are looking for employment opportunities with us, making an investment decision as a shareholder or simply trying to learn more about the company, we hope you find it a useful and enjoyable experience.

Group Head of Digital, Amit Sadhwani, said: “It’s essential for us as an industry leader to keep abreast with the new technological environment.  The world is changing at an unprecedented pace, with digital clearly embedded in the way people interact with businesses.  We are taking steps to further embed digital into our ways of working, and this innovative website will prove to be a solid foundation to build on.”

Our previous website served us well, picking up many awards in its time, but the rapidly evolving digital space meant that it was time for a refresh. 

As increasing numbers of visitors are accessing our website on mobile devices, we have taken an approach in line with the latest thinking on how best to meet these needs, resulting in a highly visual site that is optimised for mobile and tablet use.

To help explain the complexities of the energy industry, the newly created Our Industry pages provide a resource for those wishing to learn more about how the industry is responding to shared challenges and opportunities.

Our revamped news room also allows readers to share stories with ease on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

Following best industry practice, visitors will notice a padlock when browsing our website at all times, which means that all communications are encrypted to protect your privacy.

We worked with a small number of suppliers.  Blueleaf, an award-winning digital agency designed and created the new look site in an impressive timeframe.  The Digital Consultancy’s Mark Clifford, Project Manager, worked with our team throughout to ensure the site was delivered on time and on budget.  TS Design Informatics hardened our infrastructure and enhanced our security, and finally Northcote Internet have delivered a unique platform that enables our online webcast presentations to be viewed on any mobile device.

Corporate Communications Officer, Barbara Child: “The website is vital to corporate communications, as a reflection of who we are as a company so it was important that transparency was a core part of that”.

Digital Analyst, Hamish Shellard:  “It was paramount to deliver a site that meets the different needs of all users, and we used all available data to ensure these are met.”

PR & Digital Media Manager, Cassie James: “From a communications perspective we need to deliver content that is relevant to our stakeholders in an engaging way and digital is fundamental for that.”

We’d love to hear what you think of our new site, so if you have any feedback at all please email us at views@centrica.com.